Freese - Solid Perfume

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A modern alternative to floral classics, Freese has a heart of Freesia seasoned with top notes of spicy pepper and petitgrain. This soulful scent slowly eases down to a harmonious balance between freesia flowers and crisp pear, finally allowing sensual patchouli and musk to waft into the experience.

Solid Perfume 

- an all new way to wear your favourite Euódia Parfums scent. Very convenient to wear on the go during your travels. Pocket sized and travel friendly, fits in most bags, pockets or pouches.

- Apply with your fingers by rubbing solid perfume onto your skin. Scent should last approximately 5 hours depending on activity. It can also be used for quick scent touch ups.

- Made carefully in small batches with an alcohol free, paraben free formula. This solid perfume is a natural blend of wax from soybean, coconut, and beeswax, blended with our signature Euódia Parfums scent.